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Who we are

AMSOFT Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. is a member of the American Group of Companies and American Premium Water System (Pvt) Ltd. is the pioneer and the market leader in the purified-five gallon water business in Sri Lanka. American Group has subsequently ventured into many other areas of business such as Plastics, mold fabrication for plastics etc.; and the latest area being the Information and Communication Technology. American Group has already set up its business overseas having its water operations in India and Maldives.


AMSOFT Technologies (Pvt) Ltd began its operations in 2007 as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Service provider to the American Group of companies and later it was decided by the senior management of AMSOFT Technologies (PVT) Ltd. to expand its operations by marketing some of its time tested products which were developed for the group.

AMSOFT is specialized in many areas of ICT such as customized Software Development, networking, Mobile Technologies, Natural Language Processing, Bio Informatics, Computer Graphics, Data Mining and Web Site development and expects to provide services in Data and ICT security, and Digital Forensics in the future. AMSOFT has the capability of providing turn-key solutions and has been exploring to have partnerships with global leaders of ICT service providers’ and manufacturers such as DELL, CISCO etc. AMSOFT is blessed with experienced and well qualified staff.

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